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Electricity bills reduced?

It is free for us to use any electricity that our solar PV system generates, this reduces our electricity bill. The original quotation estimated a reduction in our electricity of about 1700 kWh, reducing our electricity bill by around £170 per year.

We can look at previous electricity bills to see how much they have reduced. In order to eliminate any seasonal effects, we use more electricity in winter than summer, we have to compare 12 months data at a time. This chart shows a 12 months rolling average.

The above chart shows a declining trend in the amount of electricity imported from about 4100 kWh to 2800 kWh saving 1300 kWh per year. This is less than the 1700 Kwh expected. During the first year our PV solar system generated 4265 kWh, we ended up using less than a third of what we generated.

In a typical household solar electricity is not there when you need it most, but there is plenty when you don't really need it.

It is being generated during the day when the sun is at its brightest, you need it most during the evening when the sun has usually set.

In the UK solar systems generate most electricity in the summer when you use least. In the winter they generate much less when you need it most.

Is this a problem? Not really, you will get paid for the electricity you generate, any electricity you don't use is exported and probably used by your neighbours.

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