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How much electricity?

The following table shows the actual generation and earnings from Feed In Tariff and Deemed Export for the first 12 complete months after our PV solar system was switched on.

Monthkwh generatedEarnings per kwh(£)Earnings for month(£)
Sep 104010.4280171.63
Oct 103390.4280145.09
Nov 101600.428068.48
Dec 10810.428034.67
Jan 11138 0.428059.06
Feb 111520.428065.06
Mar 114480.4280200.93
Apr 115630.4485252.51
May 115560.4485249.37
June 114840.4485217.07
July 114930.4485221.11
Aug 114500.4485201.83
Year totals42651877.60

These figures are based on readings from the Generation Meter.

The increase in Earnings per kWh in April is due to the link to inflation of the Feed In and Export Tariffs.

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